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Team Bertin – Fitness Coaching

Founded in 2015, Team Bertin – Fitness Coaching has been able to adapt to the ever-changing fitness scene, create top tier fitness competitors and help shape people’s lives in a positive way.

My mission can be broken down into two parts;

The first is summarized by bringing back the thrill and excitement of being part of a competitive bodybuilding team that generates top-quality competitors and athletes.

The second is to help change people’s lifestyle habits, through positive mindset changes, daily exercise and nutrition.

Bringing together like-minded individuals with similar goals & interests in a supportive and positive atmosphere that encourages personal growth and progress. Interested in improving you’re overall health and fitness? Keep reading below to learn more about our available services.

Our 2 Main Service Packages Are ...

1. Competition Prep

This is for clients who wish to push their limits and bring their physiques to the absolute best. This requires months of preparation, strict dieting, and hard training.

2. Lifestyle

For those with different goals ranging from transforming their physique without the intention to compete, wanting a better health, improved quality of life and everything in between.

All Service Packages Available

Select from the list below for more information about our available services.

About Me

Sebastien Bertin (Coach)

I have been passionate about health and fitness for as long as I can remember. So much so that in Jan 2020, I decided to leave my very lucrative career after 10 years in construction management. I felt the need to dedicate my life to helping others by coaching them. Guiding them to a better quality of life through exercise, nutrition, and a positive mindset. I work with individuals of all levels of fitness and have motivated many to achieve success in their personal fitness goals as well as on the competitive stage. Click on learn more for my full bio.

Team Bertin - Sebastien Bertin - Coach


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Prep Athletes

6 Weeks Transformation Challenge

Date to be determined (Winter 2021)

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Seb is a fantastic coach! Patient, knowledgeable and very encouraging. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with... read more

    nicole bastarache Avatar
    nicole bastarache

    Definitely the best coach around in my opinion super friendly while always being professional. Always available for any questions health... read more

    Jerome Lebouthillier Avatar
    Jerome Lebouthillier
  • I joined Team Bertin in the spring of 2020. I can say that since the start I was impressed by... read more

    manon levasseur Avatar
    manon levasseur

    Très bon service professionnel, toujours à l’écoute des clients, disponible en tout temps et très organisé et divertissant!!

    Christin McGraw Avatar
    Christin McGraw
  • I loved working with Coach Team Bertin, it made me feel as a part of an actual team and even... read more

    Angele Bertin Avatar
    Angele Bertin

    Teambertin is the best! He always takes good care of his clients!!

    sylvain Chiasson Avatar
    sylvain Chiasson
  • The best around!

    Andre Phillippe Caissie Avatar
    Andre Phillippe Caissie

    Team Bertin has helped me found myself again when I was at my lowest point regarding my mental health and... read more

    Guillaume Banville Avatar
    Guillaume Banville
  • Theres not much negative i can say about this guy ! He helped me reached out to my best physique... read more

    Benoit Landry Avatar
    Benoit Landry

    Amazing coach and amazing team!!Sebastien is always available to answer any questions or concerns. He’s always happy to help me... read more

    myriam levasseur Avatar
    myriam levasseur
  • Definitely recommend Seb as a coach! He help me so much with my mindset around food! Being diagnosed with binge... read more

    Jessica Picot Avatar
    Jessica Picot

    Highly recommended! Great mentor, positive atmosphere, Very professional, caring, knowledgeable and makes you feel important. Team Bertin Coaching: is... read more

    Krystal Poirier Avatar
    Krystal Poirier
  • If you're looking for someone who practices what they preach Seb is your guy.

    Nicholas Vautour Avatar
    Nicholas Vautour

    Cannot say enough good things about my experience being on Team Bertin. I cannot see me ever straying away from... read more

    Laura Gorman Avatar
    Laura Gorman
  • Sebastien is a great coach whose passion and love for fitness enhances his coaching and gets you excited about achieving... read more

    Lisa Hachey Avatar
    Lisa Hachey

    Really good coach , the diet is really good with plenty of choices. Quick to respond when you have questions... read more

    Andre Thibodeau Avatar
    Andre Thibodeau
  • When it comes to health & fitness with specific goals in mind, quality information & knowledge is what you will... read more

    Jason Savoie Avatar
    Jason Savoie

    Je suis très satisfaite des services qui me sont offert par ce coach. Il a su me placer comfortable dès... read more

    Kelly Hebert Avatar
    Kelly Hebert
  • Amazing coach and amazing team!!
    Sebastien is always available to answer any questions or concerns. He’s always happy to help me...
    read more

    myriam levasseur Avatar
    myriam levasseur

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